Julie Brown & Dan Repsch
Gaby Cook & Nathan Bugh
Jennifer Stout & Daryl Begin
Laura Keat & Mikey Pedroza
Lunou Samson-Poirot & Zack Richard
Mia Goldsmith & Andy Reid
Nelle Cherry & Javier Johnson
Nikki Marvin & Nick Williams
Valerie Salstrom



Robert Royston
Brandi Guild
Stacy Kay & Hugo Miquez
Bill Cameron
Susan Kirkland & Gary McIntyre
Autumn Jones & Brennar Goree
Patty Vo
Tessa Cunningham Munroe & Myles Munroe
Trendlyon Veal & Markus Smith
Arjay Centeno
Flore & Phillipe Berne
Blake Hobby Dowling & John Festa


Robert Royston
Manu Smith
Bill Cameron

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Glenn Crytzer's New Yorkers!

Glenn Crytzer brings some of your favorite tunes from your favorite jazz bands for your dancing pleasure both Friday and Saturday evenings!

The Amazing History of Swing!

Know Your Roots: Understanding the Origins and Evolutions of this “Swing Thing”

Have you ever wondered where Shag got is name?, Why Lindy Hop has triples even though Shorty George didn’t do them?, Or why it’s called a coaster step? Together we’ll trace the roots from ragtime to Jazz, 20’s Collegiate, Swing, Rock’n Roll/Bop, into West Coast before it was even called West Coast, to Disco and Hustle and beyond. Using rare video, print, and audio recordings paired with live demos you’ll gain a whole new level of understanding of swing’s rich and diverse history.
Join us Saturday evening for a two hour ‘History of Swing Dancing’ with Forrest Outman.

New this year! BTP Shirts!

We have NEW Boston Tea Party shirt designs for 2018! Pre-orders MUST be in by Sunday March 4th!!

These shirts can be ordered through online registration. Pre-ordered items will be available for pickup when you check in at the BTP. Supplies are limited.

We are offering each shirt in multiple colors and sizes:

UNISEX t-shirt in black, heather cardinal, heather navy, and pebble. Size XS to 4XL: $25
DOLMAN style shirt in black, heather grey, maroon, and pebble. Size S to 2XL : $30
HOODIE(zippered) in black and maroon. Size S to 4XL: $40

See photos for color selection and close ups of the back and front designs!

The Ultimate Intensive

Robert Royston & Brandi Guild

Read More

The Lindy Intensive

Nikki Marvin & Nick Williams

Read More


At BTP we do our best to represent as many types of swing dance as possible.  We wholeheartedly encourage our participants to expand their repertoire and take workshops in dances other than their primary dance. Participants can also develop a better understanding of their ‘favorite’ swing style while gaining an appreciation of swing dance as a whole. 



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