Robert Royston and Brandi Guild

The Ultimate Intensive: A 3-Part Master Class That Will Change Everything!

Part One: Timeless Techniques

Regardless of the style or the music, there are certain elements that must be present to be successful in WCS. Robert and Brandi break down the principles that stay consistent even as the trends change. They also take a close look at the common denominators present in the highest level of dancers such as how to allow personal styling to shine while technique stays quietly strong in the background.

Part Two: Connection

Debunking the myths about connection while simplifying the approach, Robert and Brandi address the elements needed to connect at the highest level. Learn to communicate with a consistency that allows a partnership to flourish. This section includes brand new drills and terminology to help dancers with the fine details of being the partner they’ve always dreamed of being.

Part Three: The Jack and Jill Master Plan

Taught by two of the best in the business, this section details an approach to the dance that eliminates the guesswork. Robert and Brandi will be giving both the leaders and the followers a comprehensive plan to address partnering, musicality, and styling that allows each individual to shine within a cohesive partnership. This is a must have for all competitors.

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Robert Royston and Brandi Guild

The Lindy Intensive

The Lindy Intensive is an opportunity for dancers, who are already familiar with Lindy Hop, to study one or two subjects (technique/musicality) in more depth than a single workshop could offer.

Our teaching staff, Nick Williams and Nikki Marvin, are sought after for their skill at communicating technique in such a way that students can quickly incorporate the content into their dance.  Students with a range of skill levels, can benefit from this intensive, but should already be very comfortable with their basics (6ct 8ct Charleston, swing-out, tuck-turn, etc).

Feeling It: Delve into the depth of lead and follow as we focus on partner mechanics. How to be the best social dancer while still maintaining your voice. Be the dancer that everyone loves to dance with.

Seeing It: Who doesn’t want to look good? We will explore the world of aesthetics, giving you everything you need to design your dancing and create the look you want.

Hearing It: Musicality is a vast and wide topic. We will give you the tips and tools needed to master the art of musicality. Dance inside the music instead of on top of it.

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