Invitational Crossover J&J

Our signature event at The Boston Tea Party is the Invitational Crossover J&J.

Here is how it works: We select a group of professional swing dancers who we invite to compete in a Strictly Swing competition in their own dance style (either WCS or Lindy).  The top five Lindy hop couples and the top five WCS couples return Saturday night and are randomly paired with a partner from a different style swing. (A WCS dancer will be partnered with a Lindy dancer)

Once paired, these ten couples will “Crossover” by dancing to two songs, one WCS and one Lindy hop.

Last year we opened a late night amateur crossover for everyone to participate in, in hopes that everyone would want to participate in what we consider to be the spirit of The Boston Tea Party.  We were overwhelmed by the number of competitors and this year decided to move the competition to prime time!  Read more about the amateur crossover comp below!

Open Crossover J&J

A new, fun, division where one WCS dancer will be paired with one Lindy Hop dancer.  You’ve seen the pros do it in our Crossover Jack and Jill, now you can join the fun!

  • No routines, planned exits or entrances are allowed
  • Lifts, drops and aerials are not allowed
  • Breakaways are permitted, but not required
  • There is one level open to all who would like to compete.
  • Initial rounds will be run as two separate open Jack and Jills, one for Lindy and one for WCS. In the finals, the winners will compete as a cross over in couples of one Lindy Hopper and one West Coast Swing dancer.